Worker’s Compensation Investigations & Surveillance

Whether you’re interested in seeking the assets of an individual or a business, knowing whether those assets are protected is valuable information to have before beginning legal proceedings. We can tell you if an individual has hidden bank accounts or owns a sham business for the sole purpose of hiding valuable property from debtors.


From employees faking sick or family leave to workers embezzling company funds, our experts can monitor suspected persons and let you know whether they find evidence that confirms or denies any wrongdoing. Workplace violations can also include the violation of do-not-compete agreements. Hiring Capitol Legal Investigations to provide discreet investigative work can save your business large sums of money by avoiding lawsuits and unpleasant terminations.


Insurance fraud is a problem of epidemic proportions in the United States. Determining whether staged accidents and fraudulent claims have occurred is difficult work that our investigative team has been successfully helping clients with for decades. Our excellent track record in discovering fraudulent insurance claims makes us the smart choice when hiring a professional to investigate suspicious insurance activity.

Missing Persons

You could be interested in finding missing persons for several reasons. They could be hiding, relocated, or simply fallen out of touch. We offer exhaustive location services to find missing persons. Using public and private databases and other information sources, we can find activity related to motor vehicle registrations, state issued identifications, tax information, and much more to help you successfully locate your missing person.

Employment Screening

Whether you’re considering hiring a new nanny to look after your little ones or your hedge fund is looking to bring on a new analyst, employment screening is a valuable and often legally required part of the hiring process and our employment screening services allow us to look into areas that others cannot.

It’s not our job to pass judgment on your candidate’s past indiscretions but we will give you all the available information so you can make an informed hiring decision, fully aware of potential liabilities posed by the hiring of said individual.